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Workout Plans, Yoga Flash Mob & Self Love Reflection Guest Post


Just yesterday I was complaining to my friends Olga and Matt about the lack of Kale at my local Hannafords and how I was going through withdrawal and the Kale Gods must have heard me because they just started selling a new product: 1 pound bags of kale.

Note to Josh: Don’t buy me flowers or chocolate I just want Kale!

Also, if you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out my Guest Post at Faith, Fitness, Fun!

Honestly, it was a pretty challenging piece to write share with all of you. I find guest posts are always more difficult because I’m essentially “visiting” someone’s blog and find myself worried about their readers, what they’ve written recently, their style, my style, etc. It’s hard to explain. I guess in my mind when I write here, on my blog, I feel like I’m talking to a friend but when I guest blog on other people’s blogs I feel like I’m talking to strangers. Friendly strangers, but strangers nonetheless.

Anyways, be sure to check out my Self Love Reflection and then check out Tina’s blog as well. She’s one of my all time favorite bloggers because she has a really great attitude about life, her blogging style is fun but insightful and she is so honest and open with everyone. When I read about challenges she’s faced with and have overcome in the past it makes me feel stronger and less alone. So, be sure to take a look around, you may find a new blog to follow!!

I am so happy to say I am finally feeling better – essentially back to “normal” considering I will be dealing with congestion for the next 5 months. So let’s check out last week’s workout recap and this week’s plan:

Last Week’s Workout Recap

Monday: 55 min Yoga Class

Tuesday: 3.2 mile Run in 34 minutes + 10 mins Yoga

Wednesday: Lower back hurt so took it easy, 1 mile Run on treadmill & 25 mins Yoga

Thursday: 3.3 mile Run in 35 minutes + 10 mins Yoga + 5 mins Sauna

Friday: 55 min Yoga Class + 5 mins Sauna

Saturday: 10 mins Yoga

Sunday: 3.7 mile run in 36.5 minutes + 15 mins Yoga

This Week’s Workout Plan

Continue 10 mins of yoga everyday!!

Monday: 55 min Yoga Class

Tuesday: 4 mile Run + Yoga

Wednesday: Light Rest Day (10 mins Yoga)

Thursday: 4 mile Run + Yoga

Friday: 55 min Yoga Class

Saturday: I may run a 5K on Saturday…. not sure yet!

Finally, I came across this awesome video of a Yoga Flash Mob and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s simply beautiful and I would LOVE to participate in one someday! So if anyone in Boston ever wants to have a Yoga Flash mob count me in!!! Maybe Copley Square or Faneuil Hall would be good….. hmmmmm…. 

 Yoga Flash Mob Chattanooga Market