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Why I Love Sparkling Water

A little over a year ago I became a Vegetarian and then this summer I started to adopt a Vegan lifestyle which meant no milk or cheese. Cheese was a little easier since I didn’t eat it all the time but giving up milk was rough. I drank milk at dinner every single night for years – it was party of the meal and I loved how it tasted and complemented my entrees.

So, when I decided not to consume any more animal products I felt at a loss – what the heck would I drink at dinner every single night if I didn’t have milk?!

I would never turn to soda or power drinks.

Personally, I don’t like Almond and Soy milk alone, I only like them in coffee, cereal and other things.

Water wasn’t enough, it didn’t cleanse my palate at all and didn’t provide any taste.

Drinking beer or wine every night would be too expensive and not that healthy.

Juice would just be gross and NOT go well with dinner meals.

But what about Sparkling Water with a tiny bit of juice? You know like a fruity drink you’d get a restaurant without the alcohol.

So, one night I tried it and it was the perfect accompaniment with my dinner. Refreshing, a little fruity, not overpowering but cleanses the palate nicely. Perfect as a dinner drink. Since then I have had sparkling water with a splash of 100% fruit juice with dinner every night.

Someone in the Poland Spring world must have seen my receipts at Hannafords and noticed that I bought at least 2 bottles a week because I was recently contacted by Nestlé Waters and Poland Spring and asked if I wanted to do a……

Poland Spring Give Away!

How cool, right?! Anyways, after chatting with the woman I found out that Poland Spring launched a “Nature’s Fix” campaign and thought it aligned perfectly with my focus on creating a healthy lifestyle.

Back in the summer Nestlé Waters launched a new social media campaign, Nature’s Fix, that uses super cute animated animals to encourage people to have healthier drinking habits and I am completely on board. Even though I started drinking Poland Spring at dinner because of the taste, I kept drinking it because it’s a healthy alternative.

Since I try to limit all processed and crappy foods I already stay away from soda, power drinks, vitamin waters, a lot of juices and such so my options for a dinner drink were pretty limited. Thankfully Poland Spring’s sparkling water doesn’t have any calories and only has 3 ingredients: 100% spring water, natural fruit essence and effervescent bubbles. That’s it. No sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners. Just 3 ingredients and it tastes so good.

Even though I sound like I’m in my own commercial I’m not. Although that would be cool. I wonder if I would look good on television…..

Anyways, I just really like sparkling water and love how it’s a great drink that doesn’t fill my body with loads of calories and other crap.

What’s interesting is that they found “97% of Northeasterners polled are looking to incorporate healthful behaviors into their daily lives, including maintaining a healthy diet by eating more fruits and vegetables 65% and switching from soda to sparkling water 21%”. So it’s not just me, there’s a lot of people that are tired of using up 1/2 their calorie intake on sugary drinks that make them feel like crap.

Another cool statistic I read is that “84% of North-easterners said that overcoming one bad habit is all it takes to motivate them to overcome others”.

So maybe you’re looking to start adopting some healthier habits but you need a first step. Something small. Something you can do that will actually be kinda easy. Something that can be a catalyst that will propel you towards a healthy life style. If that’s you my suggestion is to try swapping one of your sodas, energy drinks, coffees, lattes or beers with a glass of sparkling water.

It may seem like a tiny change but let’s see the difference:

Sparkling water 12 oz = 0 calories

Soda 12 oz = 124 – 189

Whole milk 12 oz = 220

Whole milk latte 12 oz = 200

Sports Drink 12 0z = 94

Beer 12 oz = 153

Source– WebMD

Swapping out your normal drink with sparkling water can save you a TON of calories and save your body from having to process a ton of sugar and other crap.

So, you’re interested in picking up a liter of sparkling water?

Well, to get a coupon for a free liter just leave a comment below telling me how you’d like to use your “extra” calories you’ll save from swapping out one glass with sparkling water. I usually go for a piece of dark chocolate or a handful of organic cookies.

Now don’t be a square and comment below! I have 4 free liters of Poland Spring Sparkling Water to Give-away!

Please note: This giveaway is sponsored by Nestlé Waters North America of behalf of its regional spring water brands and the coupons, as well as information about the campaign, were given to me by Nestlé Waters North America.