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Motivation Monday: Getting to the Gym

I go to gym practically everyday during my lunch break.

I’ve been doing this for over two and a half years and hate missing my workout time – it makes the whole day drag and leaves me feeling completely out-of-it. Now I will say that it’s not always easy to get to the gym everyday but there are a few ways that I try to ensure I get my workout in regardless of my schedule and time restraints:

1. Schedule My Workouts into My Calendar

I literally block off 12 – 1 PM every single day at work to detour people from scheduling meetings all afternoon and not leaving any time for a quick run or spin class. Yes, sometimes that may have to move back later in the day but it’s always there – one full hour where I am not available in the office. This not only makes it a priority every single day but it serves as a reminder to myself to get out of the office.

2. Remember ALL of My Gym Stuff

The smallest thing can detour a gym workout: forgotten socks, sandals, clean panties, a dead iPod… just one thing forgotten can cause me to ditch the gym so I have a checklist written up on an index card both at home and at the office so I always remember everything I need. The list includes:

Workout pants, workout top, socks, panties, sneakers, iPod, headphones, spin shoes (when needed), water bottle, sandals, body wash and deoderant.

Most of the time this is all in my workout bag but on Sunday night’s I have to replenish and it’s nice to have a check list to remind me of all the necessities.

2b. Have Back-ups

I don’t always remember everything BUT that doesn’t mean I need to forgo my spin class! In my desk at work I always have an extra pair of panties, socks, deoderant and headphones that way I can still work up a sweat.

3. Remind Myself how Great I Feel After

I’ll admit, there are days that I don’t necessarily feel like working out and some of those days I don’t, but most days I remind myself that I always feel better after I workout. Working up a sweat always helps me feel more awake, energized and even more creative. A quick 3 mile run or flowing yoga sequence can take any blah day and turn it into a good day.

4. Keep Track of My Workouts

I love tracking my workouts in my Exercise Journal and seeing my progress as I become a little faster and stronger every week. It always gives me that bit of motivation I need to keep going on days when I’m tired or not feeling like hitting the gym. It reminds me of how well I’m doing and how much farther I have to go.

5. Choose Activities I Enjoy!

Exercising shouldn’t be a horrible experience. In my opinion you should enjoy how you decide to move your body and therefore I choose activities that I find fun and exciting. That doesn’t mean they’re easy; in fact, all of the classes I particiapte in are quite challenging, but I still find them enjoyable which makes it a lot easier to go everyday.

6. Give Myself a Day Off When Necessary

There are times when I just don’t want to go to the gym and that’s okay. They’re rest days and everyone needs them. So rather than beat myself up, I just enjoy the time off and look forward to a kick ass workout the next day.


I know that getting to the gym everyday is hard but honestly, once you work it into your schedule it becomes part of your routine, your lifestyle and who you are so it’s not as hard anymore.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you get to the gym?!